Artificial Grass Soccer Field Installation

this image shows artificial turf soccer field installation in Sacramento and Placer County CA

Artificial turf is an excellent alternative for natural grass, but the installation process can be tricky. That’s why ProTurf offers a complete installation service to make sure your new field looks great and plays well.

A soccer field can take a lot of wear and tear during the course of its lifetime, so it’s important that you install artificial turf on top of sturdy ground. We have all the equipment necessary to prepare any commercial field before installing our product. Get a free estimate at (916) 587-6381, when you call. 

Using Artificial Grass for Soccer Fields in CA

ProTurf installs artificial grass in many different ways depending on your needs and budget, whether you want it installed as part of an existing surface or laid down from scratch. You can choose from different colors and textures to get exactly what you need for your space!

Commercial field owners are always looking for ways to increase their revenue. One way is installing a synthetic turf field, which can be used all year round and provides an opportunity to host events such as concerts or sporting tournaments like soccer fields, rugby fields, football fields, lacrosse fields, and more. The installation process of a synthetic turf field starts with measuring the dimensions of your playing surface. Next, you need to choose the type of artificial grass that will work best in your region (such as Kentucky bluegrass) and then decide on whether you would like it installed indoors or outdoors.

 Factors for Installation of Field Turf

There are many factors that go into installing field turf. The most important is the soil needs to be tested before anything can happen. This ensures that the grass will grow well and stay healthy for a long time. There are some fields out there with clay or sand soils, which are not ideal for artificial lawns because they don’t have enough nutrients in them to help keep the grass alive.

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