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A well-maintained lawn is a thing of beauty and one that people can be proud to show off. But not everyone has the time or inclination to maintain it themselves. And even those who do may have problems with pests, weeds, or other issues that make maintaining a real grass lawn difficult. ProTurf Artificial Grass Solution uses an innovative synthetic turf that looks just like natural grass but requires no maintenance whatsoever! It doesn’t need watering or fertilizing; all you have to do is sweep up any leaves from time to time. Pest control services are optional. We are here to make your life easier and give you more time for family and friends.

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Experts in Turf Installation in Sacramento and Placerville, California

ProTurf Artificial Grass Solution’s main goal is to provide you with a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn. You get the natural look of real grass, which looks just like the real thing but requires no care at all and fits in beautifully with just about any landscaping design. All it takes is one phone call to get started on creating an impressive yard that will be the envy of your neighbors. Fee free to contact us today at  (916) 587-6381 to get free estimates and quotes.

Installation is done professionally at your home by one of our highly-trained installers who will help you choose which type of artificial grass is right for you and your family. We install using the latest equipment and a specially designed and guaranteed installation process. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work, so if you are not happy with the final result we will fix it for free or come back to do another installation until you are satisfied because customer service is one of our top priorities.

We also offer artificial grass solutions for commercial properties, such as landscaping around a school or on the playground of that same school. There are many benefits to installing an artificial lawn over turf including lower maintenance costs, safety from injury-causing hazards like glass and metal objects in play areas, lower utility bills during hot months when water usage is at its highest point, and drought resistance because there’s no watering required! You can get started today with one phone call. Dial  (916) 587-6381 now to get free estimates.

Affordable Turf Installation Services

We ensure that our services meet the quality of your needs by only using the highest-quality products that are backed by warranties with our ProTurf Artificial Grass Solution. We know that choosing turf installation may seem like a big investment, but it can make sense for the long-term through increased property value and a safer environment. ProTurf Artificial Grass Solution offers the best quality artificial yet affordable turf installation services.

We think of you as a partner on your journey to making an informed decision about artificial grass. We want you to get the best value possible so we offer free consultations that include site measurements and estimates from high-quality manufacturers.

If there’s any way we can be of assistance, please contact us today at (916) 587-6381! You’ll speak with one of our friendly staff who will help ensure that all your questions are answered promptly and completely. Plus, they come equipped to handle anything from sales inquiries to technical support needs quickly and efficiently.

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